Upgrade your winding solution
We offer a broad range of accessories according to your requirements.
Pressing Unit
Make your winding more compact
This unit can also be ordered separately, e.g. to upgrade existing machines. It can be equipped with various types of pressing rolls.

- Axial and radial pressing of flat wires
- Adjustable pressing forces
- Parking position of pressing arm for easy coil unloading
- Remote operating panel

Suitable for:
Wire forming machine
Bending unit
This unit can also be ordered separately,
e.g. to upgrade existing machines.

- Stand-alone unit
- Can be added to an existing machine
- Remote setting of wire tension possible
- Motor-driven flattening mile

Fits to:
For all transformer coils
The high quality mandrels are designed for horizontal or vertical use with dimensions up to your specification. Please send us your specification, we will be pleased to make you an offer.
We offer various mandrels with expanding function, round and rectangular
For all transformer coils
We offer a variety of different dereelers for distribution transformers, power transformers, instrument transformers or special transformer applications. We will be pleased to receive your inquiry.
Get more flexible in your product design
We offer a variety of other options that are useful to increase the efficiency of your winding machine and the quality of your products.

For example:

- Wire drum cover
- Coil adapters
- Full width insulation dereeler
- Coil unloading cart
- Stand alone bandaging unit
- Flat wire brakes
- Spacer strip dereeler

Please do not hesitate to send us your inquiry.