Low & High voltage

Small and compact

Our semi automatic wire winding machine for the production of up to 3 medium and/or high voltage instrument transformer coils simultaneously with a full-width insulation feeder.
Suitable Coils
  • round
  • oval
  • rectangular
Powerful features
Wire tensioner
Electronically controlled wire tensioners ensure perfect wire tension throughout the winding process, even with changing coil diameters or different coil shapes. A wire rupture detection is also included, stopping the machine immediately to give the operator the ability to repair the wire and continue winding.
All kinds of material possible
  • DDP
  • Paper
  • Trivolton®
  • Polyester Foil
Basic Data
80 kg
Coil weight
Up to 2500 RPM
Winding speed
Our space-saving machine measures 9,45 m² in total
Technical characteristics
Wire diameter
0,2 – 0,65 mm / 0.008'' – 0,026''
Coil diameter
Max. 300 mm / 11.8''
Coil width
30 – 480 mm / 1.18'' – 18.9''
Windind direction
Winding speed
Up to 2500 rpm
Coil weight
Max. 80 kg / 176.4 lbs
Machines with different specifications are available on request.
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